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The Horse To Heart ExperienceSM:
The most effective executive coaching/ team building program in the Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona area


Andrea has developed a powerful Workshop that will create new awareness about the behavior and values of a team � and more specifically, YOUR team. This program is designed not only for teams, but for executives that want to become more effective with each other and create an atmosphere in their company that drives profitability, and for sales teams that want to take their production to the next level. (for simplification, the rest of this page will refer to any these groups as "teams")

This thought-provoking session is combined with The Horse to Heart Experience for an extraordinary two day program (1/2 day x 2) that is unlike any other offered in the United States (one day sessions are also available). If you are contemplating a group conference or retreat in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area, realize that Andrea�s team program will warm your heart, make you look at business in a different way and communicate more effectively with your team, co-workers and clients. You'll build a stronger bond than you could ever imagine between your team members.

PART 1: An intensive workshop looking at the values and behavior style of each member on your team

Prior to arriving at the site, participants take part in two online assessments. The resulting reports are discussed at the retreat Workshop. One report shows what key strengths a person brings to a team, what is the ideal environment for that person to work in, and what happens to his strengths when he is under pressure. The powerful message that this assessment brings to a team is that everyone has a certain style at work -- these styles that are often incorrectly seen as "good" or "bad". The team begins to understand that although one person�s style may look ineffective or even disruptive to the team, it is important for a team to have all different styles represented on a team to make it most effective. Most importantly, each style communicates and needs to be communicated with in a different way. By the end of the workshop there will be a much different understanding on how the team needs to be communicating with each other.

The second assessment shows a person�s personal interests, attitudes and values that drive their behavior:
� How intuitive is a person with the emotions and feelings of the people around them?
� How important is it for a person to first look at data before making a decision?
� How does a person�s beliefs about life, and how they believe others should live, affect their behavior?
� How quickly does a person discover the best way to spend their time, money, resources, or energy to get their desired result towards a goal?

The most important thing about this assessment is realizing that we all come from a different set of values that are going to drive our behavior and way of working.

The on-site Workshop lasts about 3 hours. Andrea uses a PowerPoint presentation to walk the participants through an understanding of both assessments, and outlines the strengths and styles that each member brings to your team. Ultimately, the team will come away from this 3 hour workshop with a very different understanding of each of the team members, how better to communicate with each other, and how better to communicate with others outside of the team�.all of these newfound skills essentially increasing the effectiveness and profitability of the team.

PART 2: The Horse To Heart Experience

An amazing and powerful session takes place on Day Two. Although the first reaction to this session may be �what?�, it is a truly amazing program. Your executive group will interact with friendly and beautiful horses at a nearby ranch. You will be captivated by how these awesome creatures will help each of your team members gain new awareness about themselves and the other members of the group. The Horse To Heart Experience adds a fun program that gets the group away from the conference location to enjoy the beauty of the desert while at the same time taking the knowledge gained on the prior day to another level. Team members will have an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. For more information on The Horse to Heart Experience, click here.

Call Andrea at 480-518-7140 to discuss how a 1 or 2 day Executive or Team Workshop can maximize the communication and interaction in your organization.

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